Thankful for my house!

Home is more than the proverbial roof over one’s head. Home is where you go at the end of a long day, the place you can be yourself.

Home is the shell that protects you, that blocks out the cold, the rain or the bad-guys. Home is stability.

I want to talk about the brick and mortar structure I call home. When I was a teen, I envisioned living in a southern mansion. I loved the idea of having a designated library, a music room, a solarium (wasn’t sure what it was but I knew I needed one). As I have grown older, my needs have changed.

Now I yearn for a smaller house, cozy and snug, tucked against a woods somewhere.

Deciding to sell the house where my husband and I lived for 30 years was difficult. That house held memories of raising four children and welcoming the first grandchild. The marks on the floor, the dents in the wall, all told stories.

Home (or house) is mentioned over 30 times in the bible, a testimony to its importance to God.

I am continuing my theme of sharing what I am thankful for. In spite of how important it seems to be to me, I spend little time appreciating the fact that I have a home. It is something I take for granted.

And yet, there are over three million people homeless in the United States due to circumstances that could become mine ... but for the grace of God.

During this month I will praise God for the shelter He has provided for me so faithfully all of my life. And maybe I need to spend some time cleaning the house I currently call home!

Does your home have special meaning for you? Has there been a time when you have been homeless? Share with me!

Have a blessed and warm week within the walls of the place you call home. If it is within your ability, welcome someone else to enjoy your space. Someone, somewhere, needs the security God has given to us.

Blessings, Regina!

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