Love the gift and the giver!

Have you ever been so excited about the gift you bought someone that you can hardly wait to give it to them? You feel jittery inside, all full of anticipation over their surprise until you thing you can’t stand it any longer. I am that person.

I am a last minute shopper. It’s not that I’m a procrastinator, even though that may be part of it. I just get so excited that I have trouble not giving the gift early. I am the one who can’t wait. Thus, I have to shop at the last minute.

As I try to tamp down my excitement over giving just the right gift for a special person, I think of the best gift of all, the gift God gave to us, His son.

In my mind, I see Jesus being born and five minutes later, when still no one knew that this wonderful gift had arrived, God grabs the angels and says, “Go! Tell someone! Tell those shepherds over there. I can’t wait any longer for the world to discover My gift!”

I know this is not scriptural, but really, can’t you imagine God being excited? Generations of His people had asked for this gift. They had waited so long. And now was the time, and God gave THE GIFT.

Whatever type of shopper and gift-giver you are, overly-excited or patient, revel in what makes you happy. If God was so excited over His gift that He sent angels to announce it rather than wait for the world to figure it out, I guess my excitement isn’t all bad. So, in the spirit of having a gift to share on Christmas, I will continue to be a last minute shopper!

Enjoy the last couple of weeks before Christmas.

Find joy in the business and hustle. Be at peace with yourself.

Blessings, Regina

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