But nothing!

Have you ever wondered why some days you feel content with life and other days everything falls apart for you emotionally?

Joy is a state of being rather than an emotion that comes and goes depending on my situation. Joy is a choice. But something steals my joy and instead of being in a state of contentment, too often I find myself angry and discouraged.

I have finally figured out the big joy-stealer in my life, and it is the word "but." Many of my thoughts go something like this: It is sunny today but tomorrow it is going to rain. My car runs well but it is only a matter of time. My house is warm and strong, but it is too much for me to keep clean. And on it goes.

My "but" thoughts rob me of the ability to enjoy the good. Yes, it is sunny. Appreciate that today the car runs and that the house provides much needed shelter. I am working hard to drop the "but" thoughts from my self-communication.

At night I think of the day, and all the good that was present. I consciously avoid going into negative thinking brought on by "but." I spent a great day with my granddaughter today, but… NO! I spent a great day with my granddaughter! I remember all we did, the feeling of love.

The sun was out today, but… NO! The sun was out. Wasn’t it fun to soak up some vitamin D for a change? I’m so grateful to live in a place where the sun shines. I fall asleep in the warmth of memories of the day, rather than the regrets that "but" thinking brings with it.

I don’t know what steals your joy. Maybe you have it all together and are able to live in the love of Christ all the time. If not, spend some time thinking about joy-stealers. Don’t let them rob you of the gift of peace that God has given us.

May this season of joy bring you peace knowing Jesus has come. Blessings and Merry Christmas,


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