Burton's War is published!

You might want to know where I've been the past year or so. Well, I've been researching and writing and now the book is published! Burton's War is a deviation of sorts for me, as this work is an historically accurate fiction novel -- the

re-telling of my uncle's life during World War II.

My uncle, Burton Wilfong, was a teen during World War II. He kept a diary during those tumultuous years. His story is one of heartbreak and victories. Burton’s War blends fiction with the realities of being a young man during World War II. My uncle kept notes of his life in journals. When he shared those with me, I knew I'd found Inside those pages years of history calling to be shared.

After writing three novels and a novella, I've now crafted a story that is a unique blend of history and fiction. Check it out, and enjoy!

And thanks, Uncle Burt, for sharing your story with us all.

Click here and buy it now!

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