Getting to the root of the problem

It is raining outside, and the forecast is 100% rain for the entire day. Sadly, I look at my wet garden, knowing what is going to happen. Although the plants will remain relatively the same, the weeds will take over again.

My husband and I just finished pulling out every single weed, and the garden looks great. Not a single straggler is peeking out from the mulch, daring to mar the perfection. But the saying ‘beauty is only skin deep’ applies to my garden, too.

Those dastardly weeds leave behind a network of roots deep in the soil, roots that I left behind, too hard to dig out or too deep to know they are there. Until it rains.

My garden is like my life. I try to keep myself in spiritual neatness. My friends feel I am a pretty good woman. Any obvious weed that starts to grow is pulled out, like the weed of envy, or jealousy, or bitterness. But unseen are the roots that linger deep inside me.

I can pull the big growths out, but it takes time and patience (and a lot of work) to truly rid myself of the flaws that choke the garden of my life.

I have been plagued by jealousy lately. This is such a silly thing, so petty, and yet I let it eat at me like a maggot on rotting meat. I reflect back on the blog I wrote last week, how God created each of us to be exactly what He wanted us to be. I need to do more than a superficial tug on my jealousy, and dig deep to remove the root. This means more time in God’s word and on my knees.

How do you rid yourself of the weeds that infest your life? Any suggestions you want to share?

Have a weed-free week ... Regina

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