The research shows change is necessary

Most people become bored easily. The same is true of groups. According to current research, most groups and committees have a productive life of three years. At that point, something must change or the group or activity becomes non-productive.

Group members need to change; activities need to change; something must bring new life to the group.

As I've said before, I have been in a slump lately. Maybe it was the early arrival of spring, but my attention span was about a nano-second. On top of that, my writing group, which I use to keep me on task, is in a slump too.

We have been meeting for about three years. Lately, attendance and productivity have been sporadic. We are all good people, all able writers, but individually we are finding it easy to be pulled away from our meeting time. The commitment is waning (me included). We need to find new breath for our group, or it will eventually cease to exist.

Short attention spans are a good thing: God created them! And He created a world that has more diversity than any one of us can explore in our lifetime. That diversity includes personality differences. I often hear people say how boring it would be if we were all the same. (Honestly, there have been times I have wanted to try it!)

Are you in a personal slump? Are you on a committee that seems to work hard but spins its wheels, or is stalled in a ditch?

Does your relationship with God feel stagnant? Try changing things up. In spite of being creatures of habit, we have been created for diversity. Use it to your advantage!

Share with me ways you avoid "The Slump!"

Looking forward to hearing from you, Regina

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